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About company


The company “Poleznye Produkty” was founded in Barnaul in 2004.  The first recipe of the caviar appetizer “Ikornaya Zakuska No.1” was developed the same year. From the very beginning the company set a goal to create a product that will be healthy for people in Altai Krai, who were affected by the radiation exposure in Semipalatinsk test site.

The main benefit of the product is alginate being its basic ingredient. Uself properties of alginate are as follows:

- it improves digestion

- it maintains ummune system

- it removes noxious substances from the body

- it reduces cholesterol level

- it is a gastrointestinal adsorbent (i.e. it can bind and clear radionuclides and heavy metals from the body well)

- it removes toxins and heavy metal salts from the body

- it exercises regenerative and anti-inflammatory actions

- it improves blood circulation

- it tones up and vitaminizes

- it contributes to weight reduction and cellulitis removal

- it possesses immune-modulating effect

Later other products were developed on the basis of the caviar appetizer “Ikornaya Zakuska No.1”, first of all it was caviar “Taina Okeana” made of seaweed and caviar in mayonnaise “Ikornaya Samba” also made of seaweed.

Experience has shown that our products are in demand not only in Altai Krai, but in many regions of Russia, especially in areas that are far from sea. Now our products are sold across vast Russia and abroad.

In 2010 the company “Poleznye Produkty”, one of the first in Russia, begun producing Middle Eastern hummus sauce “Tainy Vostoka”, that was new for our market. This product has promising future, however, interest in exotic hummus sauce, propelled by media, and the desire of many people to eat new, healthy food, allow saying about how good this project is. Useful hummus produced by the company “Poleznye Produkty” can replace fatty mayonnaise in the Russian cooking.